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Thread: "Shaman Woman Mainline Lady,"

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    "Shaman Woman Mainline Lady,"

    I was reading a thing about Winona Ryder in and it mentioned that her parents were pals with Allen Ginsberg. It talked about this book which Ginsburg edited which apparently contained a piece by Alcott.

    Her parents were friends of Beat poet Allen Ginsberg and once edited a book called "Shaman Woman Mainline Lady," an anthology of writings on the drug experience in literature, which included one piece by Louisa May Alcott. Winona Ryder was later to star as Jo in this author's Little Women (1994).

    I wondered if anybody knew what the piece was.

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    In the (second?) collection of Alcott's thrillers, "Plots and Counterplots", there's a story about drug use - hashish, I think. Looking at the contents of the book, I'm pretty sure it's the story called "Perilous Play". Several of her other thrillers mention drug use, including opium addiction in my favorite "A Marble Woman; or the Mysterious Model".
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