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Thread: The Amorous Moon

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    The Amorous Moon

    The Amorous Moon

    The amorous moon showed its face
    A millionth time before the glorious sea.
    As we looked out the deep intently
    As the winds blew over thee.

    We being locked in embrace
    Passionate liquid from our skin
    Infuses the room with lovers perfume,
    Our beautiful eyes shut from pleasure,
    Daring one another's body
    To soak the feverish fire
    Pent from our desires.

    The passion of we together
    Hands that join hands,
    As we spill our breath
    Onto one another,
    Breaths that break our will
    To surrender
    To the lustful fire.

    Yet we are lovers,
    Your lips spoke the magic,
    My ears heard the words,
    Love and its amorous desires
    Brought us here before
    The ivory bed
    Flooded by the moon.

    And here lies me and you
    Cheek to cheek,
    For the universe to see,
    On a crystal clear night
    As the waves tuck in
    The deep secrets of the sea.
    shad·ow ing

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    Jesus, Shadows, I want some of that love potion. It's gotten you high on love! Keep writing sir! I'm enjoying the reads.

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