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    Meeting Again

    ~Meeting Again~

    In the shape of a cloud she came to me
    In a mystical revelation,
    Floating on the blue light filaments of heavenly dust,
    And I, oh I was stunned by her vision
    Wrapped in the finest silk, flowing off the wand of angels.

    In the burst of a rolling yellow meadow she appeared to me
    Engaged in her own curiosity,
    With blue eyes hovering up and down me.
    I gazed back at her, reliving my dream,
    Stunned her I would again see.

    Then she gave me such a knowing look,
    Her startling eyes seemed to grasp who I am,
    How could this be? I thought so stunningly,
    Wouldn't I have known to have met
    One so beautiful and lovely?

    I gazed deep into her eyes
    Looking for that hint of familiarity,
    Then I saw a stunning charge of petal tips:
    Orange, pink and blue,
    Waving in the wind as colorful tulips.

    And she of me too
    Knowingly from head to toe,
    Was roving me as if to know,
    Was it a dream,
    Of me she'd seen?

    Then we both burst into laughter
    Of course it was us this ever after,
    Fulfilling a promise we made alive,
    That she and I would love
    Till the end of time.
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