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Thread: Electric Exclamation

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    Electric Exclamation

    'Tis the day of choice
    For the mute to choose:
    Be it mutely voiced,
    Be it soundly loose.

    The three in lament
    From the sphere below.
    All around lays bent
    But one straight to go.
    Twenty-four and tempest
    From the sphere below.
    Lo! They glide unplugged,
    And withal they glow!

    They all three, they aimed
    For a void unravelled.
    Three conjoined exclaimed,
    One exclaim has travelled.

    Hark their wistful throe!
    Lo! The plectrums shredding
    One last tune bestowed!

    Based on the following homonymous artwork by me (click for full version if wanted):

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