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Thread: Starting to read McTeague

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    Starting to read McTeague

    Just an FYI for anyone interested in reading along. Like the only other thread in this forum, I've wanted to read Frank Norris for a while now -- he's often included in lists of significant American naturalist writers, but I don't think I was ever asked to read anything by him in my schooling. So I'm amending that now. I purchased the Norton Critical McTeague and am staring to read it. If anyone wants to read along, that'd be great. If not, I'll come back to this thread and post my thoughts from time to time.
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    I've read this book three times. In my view it's one of the best American novels
    ever written.
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    I've actually been meaning to re-read it. I just might.

    edit: just saw the OP was posted months ago, but if anyone wants to read along with me, I'd still be interested.

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