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Thread: A short piece which took its own direction

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    A short piece which took its own direction

    I wrote this a short time ago with nothing in mind whatsoever while a friend jammed away on his guitar.

    Sentences propagated sentences and each line was parented by the former.

    My questions are: Is this the most successful way to write for most people? Without a purpose, is your creativity enhanced by the freedom?

    As it took shape it became philosophical, and I like what it came to be. I write purely as a creative outlet and have no desire to use it for anything else, but really do suggest (if you don't already) to write with no influence or premise in mind at all! You can never be disappointed this way, and it is often surprising and self-rewarding.

    A decade ago, 13 peasants embarked on an aimless journey into the wilderness. Over half of the members bore scars of shame, inflicted by their ruthless community under the laws of society current in this time. Those not marked had addictions to which they sought asylum; away from discrimination and the prosperity crippling stereotypes chiseled into the modern world. Each member had his or her unique life story preceding this coalition, and each their own desires, morals, loves, hates, needs, dreams and dire losses. There was however, one rare and unfathomable element which bound them together more tightly than the interloping rock within the heart of Earth itself. This was not realised by any of them at this time, such was the way the Universe had intended.
    After a lifetime of trials and tribulations, always falling short from what they were lead to believe satisfaction was comprised of; each had decided that uncharted wandering could yield no more than physical discomforts in comparison to the heartbreaking wrath of society.
    On they walked, often silently, and unbiased they remained - indiscriminate toward the events told by the natural world as life's beat played endlessly around them, and also within.
    Never did selfish thoughts echo in their mind, so neither were these types of measures ever taken. Emotional content was rich in the absence of temptation and self reward. There was no control or influence, no dividing hierarchy or domination. They remained unswayed by trivial compromise, obligation and debt, and they survived without conflict or deprivation.
    This collective mind-state rung true, and the only forces which challenged them were abstract reflections of their own being. They understood that opposing forces could only co-exist and that without themselves, there was no hindrance or obstacle to overcome. It was decided that the infliction, which is life, ordains that they are the authors of obstacles, retaliation and opposition. Without their own existence there could be no opposing force, but in life it is inescapable, unavoidable and unalterable. Such is the rule of the Universe and its design. Eternal and infinite.
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