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Thread: pride and prejudice

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    pride and prejudice

    Do you think that the book by Jane Austen, pride and prejudice, reflects the way we behave in Arabia?

    Explaination: Pride and Prejudice, is a book written by Jane Austen which was set in the early eighteen hundreds in England. Itís a book which, in my opinion, reveals the strict moral code which the people of that time lived by, and which we follow in Arabia.

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    Do you think jane austin could have ever imagined that mr darcy would ever force elizabeth on her knees, whip out his enormous 20 ft tube-snake, started teebagging her, slapping her in the face with his nigger dick, and forcing her to wear glasses because he couldn't come any other way?? Yet if you google "cockk-pride and prejudice" you will get exactly that. Do you think she would get mad a la Cervantes part 2 of Don Quixote being written by a scam artist or would she be like "yeah, I get it, the book was ironic the hole goddamn time", and then as she rearranges her hair you catch a glimpse of a middle finger. Thoughts? Opinions? What is the world but the mother egg swirling with the juices of man? Thoughts?

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