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    sugar and spice
    they mix with taste
    they make a real
    simple fly

    river and tay
    they swim
    with may
    they are the heart
    of fresh and air

    drizzle and hay
    they splash
    with rays
    they sprinkle
    life with
    malted whey

    night and day
    they synchronise
    in timely play
    they are the spirits
    of displays

    the voice the pulse
    they are the lords
    of multiplex
    they symbolise
    in human ways

    the will the feel
    they trepidate in
    circal maze
    they put the
    world up
    to retrospect

    nightely is quenched
    with diamond spells
    it makes the sun
    go round in phase,
    lately the moon
    has shined at noon
    to reverberate midnight
    of soon,
    and nature has it in tales
    of all to make it read in books
    of spoils.
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    it may never try
    but when it does it sigh
    it is just that
    it fly

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    Short but powerful expression,with a lot of meaningful symbols,to show nature of Nature.

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