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Thread: Words between this world and the hereafter

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    Arrow Words between this world and the hereafter

    The most beautiful poem
    is written on the water
    Ripples under the moon
    are full of gentle mystery

    The truest love
    is engraved in the rock
    Heat waves and sandstorm
    are blowing the robe of the desert crosser

    The sea of forgetfulness
    murmurs beating the shore of memory
    Words between this world and the hereafter
    are scattered on the beach of yearning

    In the dream of the palm tree
    he hears the voice of the setting sun
    Don’t cry
    When you think of the setting sun
    you should know
    she is waiting for you on the other side of the sky
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    There's a wonderful, spontaneous-sounding flow to this. Thanks.

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    I enjoyed this as well as your last one.

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