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Thread: i didn't like pride and prejudice

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    In a book.

    Cool RE: i didn't like pride and prejudice

    I see a troll in the house.
    But seriously, I'm reading it right now. I'm not usually one for anything with romance but I love it, and I can see myself reading Austen's other works.
    (I'll admit- I only started reading because everyone was saying how swoon-worthy Darcy was. I was like "All right, let me read the da** thing. And now I love it and can't stop reading.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by starrwriter View Post
    I like the way you express yourself. And you're absolutely right about Prude and Prejudice. BOOOOOR-ING!
    I completely agree that the book is BORING but we should remember the time it was written and published...Jane Austen tried to manifest the Social concepts of the 18-19th century. Money, position in life even attractiveness...all of that was on the pedestral but not LOVE...That's true
    In my opinion, Pride and Prejudice is really the classics of all times

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    If I may express a view as a new poster:

    Once an understanding of Pride and Prejudice is attained it is far from boring. The fact that it is so universally, massively popular two-hundred years after its writing must surely testify that boring is a rather harsh and indeed untrue title. I can well understand anyone preferring not to like it from personal preference, but boring? Having read the book in the distant past together with other Jane Austen works (and I admit to finding it hard going at first), my interest was renewed by the BBC series to the extent of buying the DVD's, another copy of the book and later the Keira Knightly film version, all of which I have spent countless hours watching and reading and still do.

    Watching the BBC series decidedly fired my interest back towards the book and I have read it many dozen times since, know it inside out and it is a constant companion on my bookshelf. I will conceed that its charm comes mainly from an adult happy-ending story, but the characters and Jane Austen's manipulation of them is literary joy for myself as a male devotee. A tale of romance that is exquisitely sensual rather than blatantly sexual-as so many are today- is something worthy of far more than one reading and a title of boring. The multi-thousands who belong to Austen societies and forums all over the globe contest that it is anything less than magical.

    Boring ladies and gentlemen, dam...that's insupportable.

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