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    without the stars
    that shine our moon
    the shimmers of the darkness

    without the sirens
    of the flutes
    the muse is nothing
    but a brood

    the silken voyage
    of the truce
    grip our eyes up
    to the skies

    the havens shades of the
    unknown is
    is baren
    without a songe

    out comes the silence
    from the cores
    submerging flauds
    of sanctum falls

    without the breezes
    of the faune
    the gentle waves
    that shakes our dawns
    from dormant stern
    to gentle aure,
    nay is a the brighteness
    of the sun
    that rises time to dayness comes.
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    it may never try
    but when it does it sigh
    it is just that
    it fly

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