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Thread: Is pride and prejudice still relevant during these modern times?

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    Question Is pride and prejudice still relevant during these modern times?

    Many of the practices and restrictions that were present during the 18th century (the setting of Pride and Prejudce) are now outdated.

    For example most women nowadays have much more independence and do not rely on marriage for financial security.They are educated and allowed to have careers. Moreover, modern women do not need 'proper' or formal introductions to meet men.

    What is it about Pride and Prejudice that makes it appealing or important to this day?

    Do you think the book is still relevant? Support your answer with proper examples

    What are the similarities and/or differences between the society in Pride and Prejudice and our modern day society?!

    Your opinions and contributions will be very helpful.

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    While you are right to say that our modern day society is very different from the 18th century there are still lessons to be drawn from Pride and Prejudice. Yes, the novel is placed against the background of women in need of finding a suitable husband but it's not the deeper meaning behind it.

    The title Pride and Prejudice basically says it all. The novel is about pride and prejudices and how they can effect us in a bad way. A lesson still very valuable these days.
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    Support your answer with proper examples

    Do your own ****ing homework!
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    Life moves on and all things change somewhat. Pride and Prejudice is a historical record of times two hundred years ago. Its popularity as a work if literature is based on its appeal of observing those times and taking from them some things that never should change: Mutual respect between all people, good manners and behaviour, (termed propriety in the story), the need to beware of prejudice and mistaking arrogance and vanity for pride in our own behaviour, and importantly, sensible use of finances. Class distinction has always existed, though in wealth and position, but should rather do so in the things listed above. Distinction based on power and wealth are the things to be avoided as rules of life, although life will always contain such.

    Pride and Prejudice is basically a love story based on overcoming the wrong things and attitudes in life and finding a partner based on love and affection rather than just class or wealth. To these ends it is very relevant and probably always will be. I think we have all moved with the times enough for any issues of feminism etc to have no real bearing in today's society. Jane Austen's lessons, when seen in the right light, will always be relevant in my opinion.
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