Anne of Avonlea was my very first Anne book, and it still remains one of my top ten favourites. Not only because it covers more of Anne's journey from childhood to womanhood, but also because of the many wierd and delightful characters which are introduced.

At the top of the list is Mr Harrison, the cantakerous next-door-neighbour who makes the fatal mistake of calling Anne's hair red, but who turns out to have a wife and a heart of gold. The same could not be said of his parrot.

Davy and Dora also make a substantial impact on Anne and Marilla's lives, with Davy turning out to be a right handful while Dora is the more well-behaved bore. You quickly grow to love these unique twins, especially Davy

Anne's students prove interesting and funny, as does the old romance between Paul Irving's father and Miss Lavender. I love both her and Charlotta the Fourth.