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Thread: The Mighty Quinn

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    I want to say congratulations, what a start. I will be back to finish this. I have not read something so polished in a very long time. I am astounded.

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    A re-read. It's a professional quality story.


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    Remember it well.

    Thanks Jack

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    “The Mighty Quinn” immediately caught my attention because it shares the same acronym as my first short story “Tale of the Mighty Quorthon”. Actually, I worked the title out of the TMQ acronym, so that similarity in titles with your story was unintentional and now that I read your story I can say the acronym is where the similarity ends.

    As a critique I will point at specific things in the story that caught my attention first.

    I can’t help but be bothered with the “two months later there was no sign of him” phrase in reference to a father who bastardizes his children. Did they wait two whole months before deciding he wasn’t going to return from the bar? If my dad was late an hour from work or anywhere else we’d be somewhat worried about where he was and if he was disappeared a whole 12 hours or more we would be readying ourselves for a search party. That’s why this struck me as odd. If it were 6 weeks would it not matter?

    Reading this story I was somewhat bored with the conversations about book publishing but being that this story is true you can’t really complain about the content or suggest alterations. So I guess the exciting part is reading the actual book. I did Google search and located one for sale here:
    Published May 13, 2014 by Robyn Parnell
    But wait, then again I found another “Mighty Quinn” here:
    Published in 2001 by Kate Hoffman
    These ones are a series published on what appears to be a small press of some sort, got some early 90s lookin’ graphics on the covers.
    But wait, then again I found another “Mighty Quinn” here:
    Published by Merri M Vacura
    The list goes on, I assume that the “Mighty Quinn” is a common-use phrase well worn into the publishing language. Funny, because I never heard it.

    I know all about “Harlequin” novels being that all my aunts and my mother read them obsessively when I was a kid. Is there a relation with “Harlequin” & “The Mighty Quinn”???

    Anyways. Well written, no noticeable mistakes, too mild and slow for my personal taste but there’s nothing really fundamentally wrong with any of it that I could tell.

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