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    Eyes are closed
    Sitting. Waiting
    Releasing thoughts
    Calming. Soothing
    Cleanse my mind
    Breathing. Freeing
    Eyes now open
    Relaxed. Complete
    "Mere flim-flam stories, and nothing but shams and lies." - Sancho Panza, in Don Quixote, pt. 1, bk. 3, ch. 11 (1605)

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    You'd need to after followiing Don Quixote around

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    Nice rhythm. Not bad.
    "...the ramblings of a narcissistic, self-obsessed, deranged mind."
    My poetry & other stuff on Amazon: Larsen

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    Deep breaths. Nice calming piece Sancho.
    Before sunlight can shine through a window, the blinds must be raised - American Proverb

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