Here is an new and exciting Mark Twain project I would like to draw your attention to: the book "Mark Twain in Berlin". It tells the story of the great American writer’s 1891-1892 sojourn in Berlin during which he turned his eye on the Kaiser (with whom he had dinner) ,Schopenhauer, and his noisy apartment. Twain, who became a celebrity, experienced many adventures. He witnessed an uprising, had a run-in with the police for “insubordination,” and nearly died of pneumonia. Twain called Berlin “the Chicago of Europe,” which is also the title of a newspaper story included in this book. Also included are a number of Twain’s never before published articles about Berlin.

The book will be published in July 2012. Right now, there is a fundraiser at Kickstarter. Everybody who participates will get a reward, starting with a preview copy of the book, but also buttons and T-shirts. The most valuable price is a day-long guided tour in Berlin to all the places Twain has been with the publisher, including lunch and dinner. The link contains a little movie that tells everything about the book.