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Thread: The Beatles

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    Available now for the e-reader on your bedside table.

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    With A Little Help From My Friends

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    I'm just old enough to remember those early songs when they came out. Everyone in the playground was air guitaring and singing She loves you yeah yeah yeah. Our parents would turn up the wireless when it was on. People who didn't "get" pop music got that one.

    I agree the later stuff is better, but those first raw shouty songs and the strong personalities of John Paul and Ringo had an impact I haven't seen since.
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    The complete albums which have started popping up on youtube are pretty good. For example the No. 1 album like this make for great background when you are typing:

    I'm a bit gutted though because somewhere I have all The Beatles albums on one CD - just I can't bloody find it!!!

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    'you and i have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead' - I can't say I like that line; it's like driving in reverse with the cliff edge not far behind you and enjoying the field you've left behind at far too great a price for the present.

    It's an idyll, that line; and idylls are nice, so if that idyll isn't working, it's because the line, as it's written, hasn't captured it.

    Well, whatever about that...but the image that the line brings to mind is not the road left behind, but that there's not much tarmac left ahead.

    The part of the line where it says a lot of road left behind, that's lovely. But it's a car crash of an image and doesn't finish with finesse, because of what it says about the road ahead. That either shouldn't be mentioned or should be left vague. But a definite image that's it's very short, in comparison to what's gone before, is brought into the mind.

    And instead of being left reflecting on the golden memories before, you're suddenly left apprehensive about the end of the road. The line falls flat in its purpose. It's well conceived, but more patience was needed to finish that line.
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    Been listening to a lot of Beatles recently as I am well and truly living in the 60s as much as possible. A Hard Day's Night is my favourite album so far available here:

    Listening to this every other day it seems anyway.

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    I love every Beatles song on here. I love them much more than the Stones. The Stones are alright, I guess.

    BUT, I can't believe no one's mentioned these, from Magical Mystery Tour:

    Penny Lane


    And one of my favorites, Baby Your a Rich Man

    I love all their albums, and I'm just grateful I don't have to choose among them. Have a good night, Neely.
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    The question is: how many Beatles songs have orchestras recorded vs. how many Rolling Stones songs have orchestras recorded? I would guess about 50x1, but have no idea.

    The Beatles had such variety!!!!

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    By the way guys, the three surviving Monkeys are back on the road.

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    Please mr. Postman


    Roll over Beethoven <3

    Only two of many Beatles songs that I adore <3
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    The Hard Day's Night album is definitely my favourite.

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    Oh My Love - John Lennon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neely View Post
    There doesn't seem to be a Beatles thread, which is wrong because they are probably the best popular music group of all time. Anyway, so post the Beatles song you are currently listening to or tell us what you like or whatever Beatles related.
    Funny you should ask. ;-) Yesterday I suddenly started singing the dark instrumental section of She's So Heavy, the part at the end featuring the arpeggiated chords on guitar, and as a lifelong progressive rock fan realized that, as with the tail end of I Am The Walrus, this was one of the seminal moments in popular music which initiated what was later called progressive. It was an extended instrumental section, for a start, that was thematic, and as crucial to the overall song as the vocal portions. It was played on the traditional instruments of rock 'n' roll, however supplemented by orchestral instruments and odd sounds, courtesy of George Martin's genius. Both examples are very trippy, taking the listener on an inner journey of sight and sound, something later progressive rock was famous for. Finally, too, is the fact of how long the songs go on, with these instrumental sections included. In all, a real forerunner of end of 60s, beginning of 70s progressive.
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