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Thread: Stryver's Secret

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    Question Stryver's Secret

    Just finished this book today! Dickens is a genius! There's one question that's left me hanging though. In Chapter 12 "The Fellow of Delicacy," Stryver is ready to propose to Lucie, but Lorry advises him otherwise. After leaving the bank in a huff, Stryver says, "You shall not put me in the wrong, young lady... I'll do that for you." He then busies himself with some books and leaves Lorry (and me) puzzled. I thought he was plotting revenge on Lucie, but nothing happened. I just don't get why he's so blase at the end of the chapter when he was the opposite at the beginning. Why was he "lying back on his sofa, winking at his ceiling?"

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    You misread the quote. He is not plotting revenge, but is rather defeated. He does not plan to ruin Lucie but rathe r himself. Stryver is kind of a more pathetic Carton (and nowhere near as awesome as Darnay!)
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