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    hate this book

    i totaly agree with u oooo my gosh this is in no way helping our learning ablitys it is the most pointless book i have ever read!!!!! it is a waist to paper and needs to be baned from the learning criteria!!! we as freshmen should start a petition!!!!!!

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    No Subject

    Im currently reading this book for school, im a freshman and didnt feel like reading it. after i started reading it, i found it to be really boring and slow, i could barely stay awake while reading it. im guessing my attitudes gonna change soon, from what i read in other peoples' replies. im leaving my email so that you people who have nothing else to do can write me to talk about this book, though i probably wont want to talk about it much. here's to dickens: cheers

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    Johnny, keep reading! Don't let yourself fall into the same despicable humdrum attitudes that teenagers are adopting towards the classics!
    BTW, Danielle, you might want to edit your posts so that they are understandable. Misspelled chatspeak is quite painful to the reader.

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