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Thread: Moonstone help

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    Moonstone help

    I really need to finnish this test and theres a couple of questions I cant remember:
    1.___ezra Jennings
    2___Lucy Yolland
    3.___Septimus Luker
    A."a long, lean man with eyes that expected more of you than you were aware of yourself"
    B. "an inferior creature, ugly, cringing, unworthy of being reported at any length"
    C. "a long, lean, wiry, brown, silent man, with a weary look"

    4. compare and contrast Blake and Ablewhite as they appear in Betteredge's first narrative?

    5. After reading Rosanna's letter, Blake tries to account for how the paint got on his nightgown without his knowledge. Why does Butteredge say that neither drunkenness nor sleepwalking could explain it?

    6. According to Sergeant Cuff, what are two sides to Ablewhite's life?

    7. give 3 instances of foreshadowing then explain how it forshadows what came to pass

    8. A. why is Jennings an unreliable narrator? Provide two examples
    B. Why is Miss Clark an unreliable narrator? provide two examples

    9. Explain the significance of the reenactment of the crime. Give at least two sentences providing detailed information

    thank you so much!!

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    Luckily, it's public domain. Complete text in several formats here:

    How is the book, anyway? I haven't gotten to this one yet.
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