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Thread: Satire / Black humour

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    Yeah, Bill Hicks is largely featured on Aenima. As for as humor goes, my favorite song on the album is "Message to Harry Manback," where it's just a disgruntled phone message from a room mate.

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    Dark comedy:
    Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (play)

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    Some dark humour is more dark than humorous. Much as I admire Ballard as a writer there is a strange sickness in much of his work which is satirical in intention. Maybe he is writing some psychosis out of his system. Dark humour is seldom feel-good humour. There is humour in Catch 22 for example which is satirical and grim but it doesn't have the sense for me of being dark - indeed it is strangely uplifting. The brilliant children's writer Dahl has a sense of humour but is sometimes accused of being cruel and indeed he is. In this way that aspect of his writing is more akin to Ballard than to a genuinely comic writer like say .... Thurber.

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