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Thread: Consequences of Happiness

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    Smile Consequences of Happiness

    I'm working on a synthesis paper using the texts from my english class, it would be greatly appreciated to hear some of your ideas on these questions!

    - Do humans make decisions for their own happiness, or hold back from what they truly desire based on social expectations and the possible consequences?

    - Why don't we make decisions based on the moment, but think about the future consequences?

    - What are the benefits of risking absurdity? Should we think about the consequences of our decisions and actions, or simply do what will make us happy?

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    We should do what makes us immediately happy. If it doesn't then we are not doing what makes us happy and we learn. Learning to be in harmony with what goes around is and should be a personal experience. Part of the personal experience is to listen to others and detect their happiness or not.

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    I think that there are many more factors that could influence the decisions people make and why they choose what they do. I will say that I personally wouldn't make decisions based solely on my own happiness, because I believe that if only one person is happy amidst a sea of misery, then they have no right to keep their happiness to themselves. Regarding the question on why we consider the future when we make decisions, if we spent all our time living in the moment, our race would've died out millennia ago. It is our ability to consider the future that has enabled our race to survive.

    Risking absurdity doesn't really fit into the rest of the question, because if the person's making a decision I don't think they should give one second of thought to the opinions of others. However, the only time I think people can do this is when they are making a decision that could positively impact another person/ group. Otherwise, we should do what we feel is morally right, because morally upright behavior is one of the lesser-known keys to lifelong happiness.

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