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Thread: Help with Gothic Literature, mid-term presentation help!

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    Post Help with Gothic Literature, mid-term presentation help!

    I have a mid-term presentation about Gothic Literature in not too long, and I need some help with two of the books I've read for it. The books are Frankenstein and Dracula. I really need help on this one, it would be greatly appreciated.

    One of the problems I've chosen to address in my presentation, and my question for you guys, is this; What significance does these two books have on the Gothic Literature, and how did they affect it when they first came out? I'm sorry if that sentence was weird in any way, but I had to translate it from my presentation which is in Norwegian.

    I've done everything I can with this, but I don't seem to be make any progress with it, so please tell me what you know. It would really help me out. Thank you in advance!

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    is this for high school or college, and if college what year? That is really open-ended as a topic. don't even know where to begin. you'd have to define gothic literature, show that nothing of significance came before Dracula and Frankenstein, and how everything came after. You'd have to tie in what the philsophical psychology was at the time of the writing of these two books (supernatural, etc) and say something to the effect of how these works embodied it...i'm rambling, somebody please jump in her.

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