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    "A Tale Of Two Cities" was a rather brong book for me to read. I didn't like it at all at first. It was hard to understand the old English writing style. I didn't feel like I understood a character. Most of all, I think I didn't like it becuase I was forced to read it. That ALWAYS ruins a book for me. I hate being pushed. I felt the best part was the end. It was the way the confusing things came together, and suddenly made sense. The huge character chenge between Carton (Book 1) and Carton (Book 3) was not something I was expecting. I wouldn't really recommend the book to students unless they have to read it for an English class. It's much easier to understand as an adult with life experience and a connectability with the characters. A note to any students reading this. I would be more than happy to help with the understanding of this book. E-mail me with "Tale Of Two Cities" in the subject line for assistence.<br><br>CC

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    I read the book as a Freshaman in highschool and we had an amazing teacher who went through it with us. It was really one of the best books I've ever read. Most people in my class hated it with a passion though. I liked the fact that it was unpredictable. I also got cliff notes to read along with the book which helped very much. I have always been an advanced reader and agree that it shouldn't be forced on highschool kids unless properly taught and explained.

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