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Thread: A Death of Fifty Years Ago.

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    A Death of Fifty Years Ago.

    Supposing, not as soldier, you went to a war?
    And got wounded -badly.
    Then came home to display, pose and posture,
    But wrote well about the trauma of things not being right,

    Became a bully who ruined the lives of those close,
    So that his son, who transgressively became a girl
    Would write about him as a gin-soaked monster.
    And then called him Ernestine.
    A revenge, perhaps for the blame of his mother's death.
    Or, the truth (?), which you can read
    In that novel published long after his death,
    Hearkening back to a golden time.

    Perhaps these things work out like a long thread:
    And eventually raising a gun would blow out his brains,
    Taking his own life like father, brother and sister
    In order to stop forever the working of his mind.
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