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Thread: fan 'bloody' tastic!

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    I agree compeletely

    This book certainly was "bloody hard work." If you can get through the thousands of words that are truly unnecessary and dig out the actual story in there, this is an amazing book. <br><br>Book the First is boring, mostly. The Wine Shop is an important chapter, but the rest of it is sort of filler. If you can get to chapter 9 in Book the Second, you're pretty much home free - the rest of the story flows quite well.<br>~Erin

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    fan 'bloody' tastic!

    <br>though slow from the off, the compulsive creativity of dicken's pure genius in the creation of the characters in this book blew the mind!<br><br><br>my emotions ranged from frustration to tears to elated happiness and finally resolutions (though perhaps a tad unjust!).<br><br>this book is bloody hard work but on completion leaves one with the most complete feelings of satisfaction it shouldn't be allowed!<br><br>to any one thinking of reading this book <br><br>don't give up <br><br>it really does get better and better and better............................<br>

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