Bloody Spit

War torn souls bridging over gaps of laughing barbed wire.
some of us held together with nothing but ribbed smiles
those lines etched so far into our leathery skin
we feel them every-time we adjust the drama beat,
it skips, wanders and vacates minds
only to re-appear a reaper of trust.
I would love to blanket the truth ; white lies
move on with shoulders so clear of chips
Standing on solitary feet was never a given choice
but here we are with stacks of mistakes that whisper otherwise.
cacophony re-kindling shivers down a spine
rock-hard heart pumping gravel to the extremities
this rock in my veins will keep me grounded
angry and flashing ancestral rage
following footsteps down a path of regret
"a man of convictions bears these burdens my son"
when I take my leave, all that will wither and dance- is dust,
this smile will nod a last goodbye
and shatter doorsteps into kindling
eyes bloodshot fire -
tears boiling into steam
every soul has a breaking point.
mine cradles the truth and spits it to the curb
bloody false language mixed in with the white phlegm,
you keep on whispering to those deviants of the night.