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Thread: 1984: Highschool?

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    1984: Highschool?

    There have been many conversations and threads on this topic. I wanted to state my personal opinion. Should 1984 be read at a high school level, or be held off untill college? I strongly believe that the book should be read in high school (so long as you can understand it's concepts). The ideas and thoughts expressed in this novel show the dangers of the world, and the power of government. You can relate the book to daily events occurring today. As a high school student, you are making the transition to becoming an adult. You will want to know Orwell's morals and ideas to adapt them with your own values. The information you obtain through reading 1984 is great, and in understanding it you understand the importance of individual freedom.
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    I completely agree. Without reading this book, I would have never even thought about the amount of control anyone posses, including myself. I think Orwell points out many dangers and he also shows that you should pay attention to every aspect in society. I read this book and had a million questions run through my mind. These questions, about society, control; or any of Orwell's warnings, will only prepare people for the future. High school students should read this book and learn about the past and how to better their future while it can still make a difference.

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