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Thread: A Fairy Child

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    A Fairy Child

    I will shake off grown blossoms from the branches
    I will wait for new butterflies in their nest
    I will find where the stream has met the valley
    I will find where summerís gone to rest.

    I will run up and down with no reason
    Brown mountains hard and looking grim
    I will put my feet in waves where sand wonít find them
    I will sit for days on a rock by the spring.

    I will make ripples in dirty little waters
    Fill my shoes with mud and stone and dust
    Iíll raise whirlwinds by stirring twigs and flowers
    For my paper ship, Iíll make a sunny mast.

    I will steal breezes and hide them in my palms
    Iíll sit down in burrows deep and smile
    I will make me wings of feathers white and golden
    I will sing as though I were a fairy child.


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    This is the best of the 3 you have posted today - one can picture the child at play and by entering their dream world it becomes astonishingly clear even to the most cynical reader.


    PS - you might like to read the instructions regarding posting poetry on here - no more than 1 in any 24 hour period to avoid other members' pieces disappearing off the bottom of the page before being read worldwide.

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    I thank you for interpreting the poem in a way quite close to mine... it is special to me.
    As for the instructions... you did do a lot of good by telling me about it... Thank you once again...

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