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Thread: christmas 2011 Poem Contest

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    christmas 2011 Poem Contest

    I know this is a bit last minute, so please forgive me. Write your most joyous, profound, spiritual, loving, humorous poem for this year's Christmas contest. Please PM your poem to me,qimissung, by midnight, December 18, 2011 (and remember that your entry must remain anonymous). That will give us one week to vote. I'll do better next year, I promise. Bring the Christmas spirit on!
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    Jingling songs and jangling bells!
    Christmas tide is nigh!
    Deck the boughs with tinsel and shiny balls,
    And some flickering lights too!
    Cram the prezzies beneath the tree
    But the big ones hide away!
    Cause wide eyes and little hands
    Need to shake them to find out what's inside!

    (doesn't rhyme yet)

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    Slight mistake.
    It is recitifed.
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