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Thread: UNCENSORED HORROR! Note: Gruesome Graphics

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    Exclamation UNCENSORED HORROR! Note: Gruesome Graphics

    Supposing E.A. Poe was alive this day how would have these unlimited horror pictures influenced his mind, hence his stories?? Doesn't these pictures confirm the old adage: Fact is stronger than Fiction?? What if these pictures are televised or published in the press media?? What psychological affect would they produce on our minds?? These and many questions arise in our minds after watching these pictures. How about you?? Tell us what you think about these pictures and how fit are these for induction into horror movies or literature of modern times?? Do you think unclassified floating of these gruesome pictures serves any purpose for the betterment of people or are they any more horrible than the characters and their acts envisaged in literature, both old and new???

    Here is the link to that UNCENSORED HORROR!!
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    Flicking over the images produces a feeling of sadness at the loss these people and their relatives have suffered. They are gruesome I would say. Horriffic has different implications in that it refers to a genre as well as being a description.

    In terms of your question I think horror in the genre sense is built up by the connection the reader or watcher makes with the characters in the story.

    The difference between the people in the graphic images and the setting up of a story is that whilst you feel sorry for the people - presented as they are, you have no connection with them.

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    Do you ever have the feeling that your brain is protecting you from the enormity of what you're seeing? That's the feeling I get when I look through these. I would love to say that I'm having difficulty seeing because of the black and white, but I really think that I just don't want to cope with what it is I'm seeing. It is a bit of a strange feeling for me. I'm left with this profound sadness, but if you asked me to recall one of the images, I don't think I could tell you a single detail.

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