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Thread: Help Needed Finding Book/Author

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    Help Needed Finding Book/Author

    Hello everyone,

    I was hoping some of you would possibly be able to recognise an author, based on a few odd scrambled memories I have of her work. I would dearly like to be reunited with her work, and my mom has shown particular interest after I shared some half-remembered memories. I don't have much to go on, but I am hoping it might just be enough to jog someones familiarity glands.

    The author is a woman and my memory tells me she is Australian, although that could clearly be wrong. I remember she had done a few collections of short stories, and at least one full novel, which I recall having a boys name in the title - or was about a boy, or possibly childhood?

    I was first introduced to this author by one of those silly web devices where you manipulate topic sliders based on personal preference. I took a leap of faith, ignored my cynicism, and was rewarded with an offbeat collection of short stories. Very humorous and... kooky? Kind of dark humour in parts, a slice of everyday mixed with a healthy dose of absurdity and a bit of surrealism.

    Some of the stories had a clearly feminine slant. There was one about a couple in a car and the woman having to use her bra strap to mend the windsceen wiper, and another one about an incident on a bus that revolved around one woman's observations/imaginings about another woman's breasts. There was a superb story (my favourite of the collection) about a pregnant shoplifting woman who wakes to find a zipper up her belly, and the lengths her unborn baby has to go to in order to stop her stealing stuff and shoving it in her newly discovered pouch! Another story had something to do with a ghost of a child maybe? And a memorable one about a guy who decides to free a batch of eels from a local shop.

    I don't remember much more than that, but I do know most of the stories in the collection leaned towards the humorous and had a warming quality to them. The book itself had an overtly blue cover - possibly minimal because I cannot remember a particular picture.

    I know it's a long shot, but it would be such a treat to read those stories again, and explore the authors other works. Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.



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    I don't know the authoress, but you might try your description of the pregnant shoplifter on google; there can't be many stories like that.

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    Your description makes me think of the Australian author Paul Jennings who wrote a lot of YA short stories that sound similar to what you described. A lot of them were slice of life tales with a dash of magic realism and they could be very, very surreal at times.

    Obviously, as a man, he's not the author that you remember, I just thought you might want to check him out.

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