IAround the world in eighty days<br><br>MAIN CHARECTERS <br>Phileas Fogg – a man about forty years old who made a bet with some people at the Reform Club that he could make a tour around the world in eighty days or less<br>Passepartout - a confident young man who works for Phileas Fogg as a servant<br>Ralph Thomas & Stuart – the people who bet against Mr. Fogg <br>Mr. Fix – the detective from Scotland Yard that wants to find Mr. Fogg<br><br>CHAPTER 1& 2 July 30, 2004<br>In chapter one it introduces Phileas Fogg a man who was very rich and apart of the Reform club an exclusive club for rich people. He also looking for a new servant and so he finds Passepartout and young French boy who is looking for work.<br>In chapter two Passepartout was not sure if he wanted to be a servant but later in the chapter he finds that he does.<br><br>Chapter 3&4 July 30, 2004<br>In chapter three a bank robber steals a package of bank notes worth fifty-five thousand pounds. Later at the Reform club Ralph Thomas and Stuart were talking about the robbery. Then another of man said “The world is big enough for the thief to find some country that is safe for him”. Then Mr. Fogg casually went in the conversation and said, “ It was once” they were all confused Stuart asked “ has the world got smaller?” Mr. Fogg showed them an estimate made by the Daily Telegraph showing how someone could get around the world in eighty days .The men were arguing back and forth until Mr. Fogg said “ I bet twenty thousand…. Pounds that I can make a tour around the world in eighty days or less." So after the whole thing was settled Mr. Fogg went home to get Passepartout and now they packed some of their things the rest they would buy there.<br><br>After they’re done packing some of their things they go to the train station and bought two first class ticket’s to go to Suez. On the way over their Mr. Fogg notices that Passepartout is crying when Mr. Fogg asked him why he was crying he answered “In my hurry I forgot to turn off the gas in my room.” Mr. Fogg answer to this was it well burn but you well pay for it.<br>Chapter 5&6 July 30, 2004 <br> Now almost everyone in London knows about the wager that was made in the Reform club because most newspapers have done an article on it. Now those person have seen newspaper articles they began wagers among themselves. Later that week a dispatch was sent from Suez to the commissioner of police in London saying “ I’ve found the bank robber, Phileas Fogg. Send without delay warrant of arrest to Bombay.”<br>In chapter six a detective form Scotland Yard named Mr. Fix try’s to find Mr. Fogg and Passepartout. He thinks that they robbed the bank. Mr. Fix later meats Passepartout on the boat going to Bombay and asked him to see his master to visa his passport.<br>Chapter 7&8<br>In chapter seven Mr. Fogg goes to see Mr. fix to get his passport visa so he well have proof to show the members of the reform club if he does make his tour around the world in eighty days or less. When Mr. Fogg gets there Mr. fix asks him many questions wile his passport is being checked. <br>f you don't feel like reading it ive sumized the frist few chapters