well, at first i didn't want to read this book. but since it's mandatory for our class to have a book report about it, i was forced to do it. but guess what?!? i love it! from the beginning up to the end! it was fantastic! i think i've just toured the wolrd for reading it in 3 and 1/2 hours!!!! <br>i love how Verne deliver the characters' personalities--especially Phileus Fogg. i really like how he made everything in 'mathematical' way of writing. (though i have to admit... i hate math!) <br>his chapters were simple but he sees to it that we'll get something when we turn to the next chapter, which really made me glad.<br>he has a fluid writing of expressing what he wanted in particular chapter. moreover, the book is very practical--specifically in financial descriptions. <br>all in all, this book is sure a BOMB! i really like it!