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Thread: This is a great book

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    This is a great book

    **This exotic book that I'm reading in my 7th grade class is one of the most wonderful (but also hard to understand) books in the world. Even though it was difficult to understand at first, me and my classmates finally got the hang of the book. now that we're on chapter 13, it feels like the book can't get anymore exciting. If you ever meet up with this book, please take the time out to read it**

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    It is a classic book, also the ending for me was supprising I would recommed this book to people all ages.

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    Thumbs up Much better than I thought it would be.

    I like this book and I would also recommend it to anyone who likes interesting stories.
    I first thought the beginning of the book was difficult and didn't know what was going on. That is because the vocabularly is quite hard to start with. Once you get used to it you can figure out whats going on and then you will enjoy the story.
    By the end you should love it!

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    this is a fabulas book ana very good book to read

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