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Thread: Poetry on Education, Truth and Online Gaming (Poems inspired by boredom)

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    Poetry on Education, Truth and Online Gaming (Poems inspired by boredom)

    Here Are 3 Poems that i wrote , hope you people like it! haven't have the chance to post anything for a long time.

    #1 << Real-I-tease>>

    Come the counting,
    Out of the world Possessed I,
    Drop 1,2,...

    Role Main, Meaning i lose count
    Another dimension Hero I
    Where i belong, My Kingdom
    in Binaries, all Rest make Dust.
    Rumbles, Finalities, Wide Screen
    Click,click, untick, a new born created.
    Called Virtue Reality dis.i pwn peeps

    Slaying selves,Wishing spells, many days cast
    in Darkness Woe,Oh, Spell away the pain
    my shame. I play the gain. "Nay Wayne, I Reign!"
    Sorry?Another Round?

    #2 << FireFlies >>

    They tail the lies:
    Ho. Merry Joy! Once Again!
    Ho. New Beginnings! Glad Tidings!

    I tear the mask,
    I fear the cast,
    these faces,who stare,
    they,who hide. But
    who are they but we
    Gore. Slips...
    They.the original Slys.

    Take my face, make me nothing
    I would rather be nothing.
    Much like the fireflies...
    they know the lies.
    But what dim lives lead we
    who follow the fireflies in
    the Tails.

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    #3 << Mr.Jack Hide >>

    A Shadow, tempting
    but soft, they vanish...
    The Dark,it beckons
    but soft, you resist...
    Following day, "No followed Nights",you say.
    but follow nights still you.

    In Dungeon, in pristine dark they gleam
    I burn,shout salvation,
    , but demon take station

    Big Loss.
    What clock is it?
    Very tossed.
    I cocked up.
    Dressing, messed self, feel like ****.
    Following days until the night,
    another black velvet dress.
    You Devour, You Beast
    At Last.

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    #4 << A Very Fine Education >>

    Followed the system,
    now the system controls me.
    If only things were that simple.
    Reverse the time, made me clever!
    Not dumb as I are.
    But Genius i will not, even time

    I are dumb. A country bump.
    Pumping me, feed me facts.
    Rote Learning.
    Food I become I to the rich.
    Grammar learning me , English speaking me.
    Turning words educated me.
    Genius a word, but not equals me. Mathematics.

    What self-realised? what dreams?
    told to become, never realised becoming.
    Making Fausts who knowledge thirst,
    we are loss in the fountain of regret.
    Educate me, with words
    drown my pain.

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    Maybe he's the wrong audience, but this reader doesn't understand any of it. And he really means that- there aren't even parts where he can make an educated guess.

    This reader feels like you just threw words at a page and expect the audience to do the rest of the work.


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    These are written in a short-hand language that obviously means something to the writer... but I doubt anyone else is going to get much pleasure from reading them unfortunately.


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    If I imagine for a moment that spending a lifetime on gaming will produce this, then I get it!
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