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Thread: Caliban bearrs the brunt

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    Caliban bearrs the brunt

    Trin. Monster, I do smell all horse-pisse, at which
    My nose is in great indignation

    Ste. So is mine. Do you heare Monster: If I should
    Take a displeasure against you: Looke you

    The Tempest, Act 4, Scene 1

    Although Stephano is angry with Caliban, it's not Caliban that smells of horse-piss, it's actually Trinculo and Stephano who pong. Ariell had caused them to dance in a stinking bog:

    "at last I left them
    I' the filthy-mantled pool beyond your cell,
    There dancing up to the chins, that the foul lake
    O'erstunk their feet".

    Question: Would a boggy lake smell of horse urine? If not, where is the horse?


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    non responde?

    No thoughts on such a base subject? I be pissed off, as Caliban might have said.

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