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Thread: The Proles

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    The Proles

    Why are all of the proles so uneducated? I know this is soposed to signify the uneducated part of society and the working class poor, but it seems to me to be a little far-fecthed that none of them are are even a little educated enough to realize what is really happening, will someone please explain?

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    well first off, the whole point Orwell is making in this part of the book is that that B-B is trying to control the citizens. now the reason that the proles are so uneducated is because they make up 80 + percent of the population, and if you brainwash 80% of a population into thinking that everything you say is right, then they wont revolt, but even if the other 20% do revolt you would have a much larger defense. so you see its all about control
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