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Thread: help with the boook please!

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    im reading the book for school and i like it a lot, however i need to find three scences of significance for each section of the book, you know how there are three sections of the book? anyhow, i know there are tons of important parts to the book i just cant figure out which scenes are really important. so if anyone could help me out by telling me which scenes were really significant to themselves, that would be really great!! thanks a bunch!

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    Great expectation is also my summer reading, are you from my school, because there is a girl in my class who is crazy about the killers. do you happen to have your first and last name with the capital letter of "M"?

    I can't give you too much info, after all you have read the book (I presume that you did) I will list what I think is the top three most important scenes

    Scene 1
    When the convict was recaptured, he did not tell the police about Pip, who brought him food, instead he said he has stole the food him self. This is important, because it is from this very moment, the Convict became very thankful to Pip, and felt indebt to him, this is also is a forshadowing of their future encounters.

    Scene 2 When Pip was insulted by Estella on the visit, he cries. This is vital, because it is from this very moment he began to hate his own status, and began his vain dream of pursuing a material life.

    Scene 3
    When Estella said" you will forget me in a week"(not exact quote) at the last visit to Miss Havisham after Pip found out about his benefactor. This shows how this entire book is not really a romance novel at all, after all of these hardships, what Pip get emotionally from Estella is nothing, this is a minor climax, and probably why I think the original ending was better, Pip and Estella should be on separate ways, they shouldn't be friends, because Pip's special feelings for her.

    My understanding to the novel is very limited, there are no doubt many many mroe important scenes to choose from, the above mentioned are important only in my opinion
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