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    gore vidal...

    a master of the historical novel genre...right now the doc's reading 'burr', and it is per usual, outstanding...

    but the doc has also read 'julian', 'lincoln' and 'empire' and they were as well..."lincoln' had to have been an inspiration for doris kearns goodwin and her writing of 'team of rivals'...his fictionalized account of the rivals stands pretty true when compared to her book...

    the doc still has the unread '1876' in his collection and the general literature chatters can be rest assured that he'll get to that someday as well...

    pick up some vidal, general literature chatters...chances are that you won't be disappointed...

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    I like Vidal, but I've only read The City and The Pillar and Myra Beckinridge.
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    Cool I read Burr and liked it very much. His novel Myra Breckenridge I tried

    but I couldn't get through it. His historical novels are much better. Myra Breckenridge is about a transexual women who does the surgery, as I remember it. I think Vidal, who was a notorious homosexual, had a running battle of trading barbs with William F. Buckley.

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    I loved Burr. Great read. I also highly suggest John Williams's Agustus. It's written in an epistolary format, which really worked well.

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    Gore's Live From Golgotha is quite funny with a charming ending involving the Japanese Sun Goddess.

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    Buckle up!

    it's an in depth history lesson in novel form...

    the facts might be embellished, but the truth is there...

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