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Thread: The Doctor.

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    The Doctor.

    I love my Indian doctor. He has pearly white crooked teeth and clothes that came from a jumble box back in the eighties. He talks so fast I can only hang onto the the key words and assume what he is saying from that. My favourite thing about him is his ongoing deportation back to his homeland and the repeated last minute stays on the grounds that Australia is short staffed when it comes to doctors.

    'I tell you. every month they say. Ganesh! Pack your backs. You're flying back home next month.

    'I tell them it's still packed from the last time I was supposed to leave. It's not a lie! You see these clothes I'm wearing?' I look at the jacket and floral high collar shirt. I smirk at the thought of him having a mullett.

    'Yes, yes. Laugh if you must but what is a man supposed to do when this stupid government plays with him like this. I tell you I am nothing but a pawn in a chess game. A chess game with no rules!' His voice goes into alto at the end and I crack up laughing, trying to apologise between while he keys in a prescription for my chest infection.

    'I'm sorry Doc but it is pretty rough. I think you've got a great sense of humour though.' Nothing seems to phase him and he shrugs it off while the printer spits out my script and he signs hit.

    'Humour? I'll give you humour. My poor mother is dying of breast cancer and she wants to fly over here so her own son can remove her breasts! What do you think I would say to that?'

    Funny how his humour and my humour don't always mix and you know what? I have no answer to that at all.

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    You have an interesting Doctor, Delta.

    I would not want to be in his shoes or sandals in regards to his mother. Wow can you imagine how hard it would be to cut out cancer from the breast that fed you?

    I hope we do not have to wait till your next visit to find out what happens.

    I also hope your chest infection has cleared up. You should get some rest and have some chicken soup.

    hugz and feel better

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