This is a kind of scifi-ish "dollar store-y" for my contemporary lit class based on a ballerina barbie doll I bought. Any feedback would be great!

Once the Noise had taken over the Earth (the Noise being us, of course), we found ourselves wondering what to do next. My family being one of the poorer Noisian families, we were fascinated by the earthlings proclivity towards shopping at so-called “dollar stores”. We decided to venture out to one of these establishments, a Family Dollar, and when there I quickly headed for the toy aisle. Would they have the new miniaturization ray that I wanted? Or maybe clothes for my Gadfreian doll. What I found did not make me happy.
On the shelves in the poorly stocked toy aisle of this “dollar store” were dolls. Not Gadfreian dolls. Or even Slanbriey dolls. These dolls were of a very different kind. The dolls came in only two different colours – both different shades of beige. And they had on clothes that were… similar at least, to some of the doll clothes I had at home. But that was the only similarity that they had to any of my toys. Or to me, for that matter!
Why didn’t the dolls come in my colour? Or in my shape? Noisians are not beige. And they do not have weird, bumpy looking things on their chests. We have long, thin limbs and a body to match; our colours vary – mine is a beautiful greyish green, my brother’s is a greenish blue. Unlike the “ballerina” dolls at the dollar store, we do not all look the same and we do not come in only two colours! What is a ballerina anyway? Is that a common humanoid name? Ballerina Human? Well, I don’t know and I don’t really care at this point. What I do care about is knowing how the humans could have gotten away with selling only two different colours of dolls. The humans were all many different shades of beige – before were obliterated them, that is.