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    They call them monsters–typical creatures of lore and nothing greater. They call them beasts of curse. And only the sinner bares the mark. But if you knew what I knew, if you have seen what I have seen, if you felt what I have felt you would never speak. Not out of fear and not because your tongue was ripped from your mouth to be used as filler in some satanic pastry. But because you would know the tragedy entailed in spending every day of your life as a so called monster.

    I was raised on the stories of the wolves. I was told to stay away from the woods at night. “They are not four legged pack dogs, they can not be tamed, they know only death and they will kill you. They will rip your head from your neck and sacrifice it to the devil!” They would say. And for most of my life I listened. Avoiding the woods was all I knew. You wouldn't catch me in there if my life depended on it. But all that changed when I had a child of my own.

    It seems with every new generation there is a greater rebellion in a persons blood. Ginger was no exception. I told her the same stories that kept me locked in my village and yet rather then curl in fear, she only asked questions. “Who are they papa? What are they? Why would they harm us we didn't do anything!”. Oh what a lovely little girl, only of ten years and already causing verbal havoc.

    As chaotic as she was, she was a very sweet child. But she was ill. The nurses couldn't find any explanation as to why she was so sick. She would only eat once every couple of days and her skin became closer to gray with each new moon. I was running out of hope when I ran into Sheeba (the town crazy. Outcasted and forced to live in a shack on the outskirts of the village, for our and her safty). She told me everything I knew about the wolves was wrong, and that they weren't wolves at all but something far greater. She said they where like her once but turned to beasts from years of abuse and neglect. I shrugged it off as more Sheeba crazy talk when she told me they could save my daughter. “They hold great knowledge. And with that comes the power to heal. They could heal your daughter you know, if they so decide shes worth it.”. I stared at her for a moment when I noticed Ginger wasn't far behind myself. And catching everything Sheeba said she darted to the woods.

    I chased after her shouting her name and telling her to come back. But it was no use, she was gone. And the sun was setting. I searched the woods for what seemed like eternity but there was no hope. And the moon replaced the sun. I couldn't stop picturing the stories I was told as a child. I couldn't get the image of Ginger being ripped to shreds out of my mind. “This is it...” I told myself “It's all over”.

    Hopeless and afraid I walked through the woods towards a cliff over looking a large river no one has dared to venture to in generations and I saw them. The beast was holding her in its arms. I ran towards them pulling my knife and shouting to the beast to let her go. It growled like nothing I have ever heard–deep and warm, terrifying but somehow calming–and turned to me, teeth showing.

    I was nearly blind but the moon gave me enough light to see the creature and my daughter. I was fixated on killing the beast. “Daddy no!” Screamed Ginger. And I stopped in my tracks. Her skin wasn't cold anymore, but warm. It wasn't that gray deathly color, but full of life and her eyes where as big and beautiful as I have ever seen. The moon seemed to reflect through them. The knife fell from my hand and I fell to my knees.

    The creature let her go and she ran to me. I broke down in tears, as if I have never cried in my entire life. I held her tightly, pressing her head against my chest and telling her everything was going to be okay. Telling myself that everything was going to be okay. I stood to my feet and approached the beast. It's body was that of man, but stood nine feet. It was full of hair and it's skin was almost blue. His head was like a wolf, but it's eyes... The eyes were neither man nor wolf. But something far more elegant. It was like the universe rested within them. I thanked the creature. But it never spoke, it never howled. It just stood there. Tall and triumphant, it's body grew and shrunk with every breath. It was not a monster, it was no different then anyone, or anything, else. It was frightening but at the same time it was beautiful, in a sad sad sort of beauty.

    After a minute of silence and locking eyes it put it's head down and disappear into the darkened shadows of the woods. I took Ginger's hand and we walked home.
    "We are animals with problems that no other animal has." - Radam J. Starkiller

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    Wow, what can I say? That was one hell of a short story. I wish werewolves in movies (curse twilight, lol) were more like how you described it, and the history described by Sheebra was much more mysterious. I'm wishing that you were a director and author of a famous book right now

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    Is this a hyperbolic parody of ginger people in society? Either way it's fantastic

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