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Thread: Fine Short Stories

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    This reader thinks Two Sundays by DocHeart is a fine recent offering.

    DickZ, thanks for posting that. This reader will be working through AuntShecky's story hopefully tomorrow afternoon.


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    response to questions

    Gee, that was a shot in the arm. At least a dozen or so writers here merit watching. They can write, of that I have no doubt. Talent up the ying-yang is what they have. Like you say, the book store is too damned expensive. And the fact that many of these writers haven't been published yet doesn't detract from their readability one bit. They exercise a kind of freedom here that publishers are afraid to allow. i.e. In subject matter, etc.

    For instance, some of my pieces quote popular songs or other pieces of literature already published. This kind of stuff publishers shy away from due to copywrite restraints. Here you can read it and write it without fear.

    After all, Van Gough only sold one painting in his lifetime. And no one can deny the fellow could paint!

    So here you get to read stuff that's new and fresh and sometimes experimental.

    You're reading stuff on, (to quote Maugham) The Razor's Edge!

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    Felt like bumping this thread because there have been some new posters here who posted some very good reads.


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    Here's a new one:

    It's hard to believe that this was smerdyakov's first post. It's really a good read.

    Also, prendrelemick's blog has new entries- and this reader discovered that there are older ones there too, going back to 2009. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and you can see page numbers. This reader cannot recommend mick's blog enough: read it!


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    After careful consideration:

    This reader enjoyed it because each section seemed to be an element on a canvas of loneliness.


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    And also:

    Three Septembers by AuntShecky

    Part One
    Part Two
    Part Three

    Though this reader gave Aunty kind of a 'nipping' response to it, it still must be said that this is a great example of an exceptional story/novella/thing.

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    Probably this reader's favorite story on LitNet is...


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    Here's an oldie but a goodie (the story, not the author):

    Mid-Lyric by everyadventure

    Oh, them sweeter days. May they come again.

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    Two stories for this one. Same author. One is based on a painting and won the 2010 Annual Short Story Competition. It's amazing. The second is just laden with appeal, so that's reason enough to read it.

    Anyhow In A Corner by MarkBastable

    Happy Hour at the Algonquin by MarkBastable

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    The Mighty Quinn by MarkBastable

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    Great thread JoH!
    Makes things so much easier.

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    What's good lately, Litnet? There's some in the story competition that belong in this thread. Oh yeah.


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    After carefuler consideration, a story about his father:

    To Catch the Dawn by DocHeart

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    I didn't see this thread. Thanks, Billl, for mentioning one of my stories I wrote when I first became a member of this forum; and Jack, for reading. I hope I'll be able to write again with my old brevity and conciseness. I am currently struggling against my stubborn verbosity and circuitous metaphors, the literary maladies of a poet. Thanks again.
    "You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you're all the same."

    --Jonathan Davis

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    Ah! YOU wrote God's Child! When billl posted it, you were not active it seems. The story really just seemed awash in the vast sea of the forum by an author who had long since departed. What a coincidence. Great work, miyako.


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