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    Smile Research help!

    I am a third year undergraduate student currently studying towards a degree in geography and, as part of this, am completing a project on how the novels of Jane Austen have sculpted both the imagined and physical landscape of Bath.
    One of the facets of this is how the idea of Bath is constructed in the novels and how this is achieved through associating it with certain characters.
    With this in mind, I was wondering if anyone could be a huge help and let me know their thoughts on some of Austen’s characters such as feelings towards them or words you would associate with them.
    The characters I need to know opinions on are Mr Woodhouse, Mr Elton, Mrs Elton (Emma); Mr Rushworth, Mr Crawford, Miss Crawford (Mansfield Park); Mr Wickham, Lydia Bennett (Pride and Prejudice).
    Thank you – I would be hugely grateful for any input at all!

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    Interesting topic, but I would have thought that it would rather be concentrated on Persuasion, Northanger Abbey en maybe Mansfield Park (haven't read that one so I don't really know whether Bath is mentioned in it).

    As far as I can recall I cannot remember that really anything was said about Bath in Emma. Mrs Elton way have been married Mr Elton there, but so much for that. In Emma it was mainly Weymouth that featured as the town of pleasure. In P&P it was Brighton (where Lydia ran off with Wickham).

    Sorry can't be more of help, but if you are looking for more details on this, I would be glad to help .
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