The Fairy Tale Is Gone

The fairy tale is gone
It blew up in the wind.
I'm supposed to receive his ashes,
From him I don't want a thing.

I know I'm supposed to honor
Thy mother and my father.
But the story is one of sin,
He gave out in the wind.

The fairy tale is gone
He grew another wing.
He left my mom with nothing,
Not a single little thing.

He left us on our own
Took on another wife.
The fairy tale is gone,
He blew our happy life.

Tomorrow I receive his ashes
From him I don't want a thing.
You see the fairy tale is gone,
I grew my own damn wing!

A Sinners Prayer

Over the hazy fields
Beyond the form of land
I search to find I know not
Where I am.
And in the branch
I suffer at my own hand.

In the orb of darkness
A bud outstretches to the sky,
With stem-like hands crying in the wind,
As a mantas I pray
Feeling I know not where I am.

As the fog rolls in
Out rolls the fog,
In between
Nothing magic appears.

In this state of weariness
I search the hope of glory,
And to the Lord I pray:

"My spirit inward groans,
My body outward feels deaths sting,
On the day of resurrection
I am hopeful You'll remember my plea.
Forgive this sinners life
I am in this terrible condition,
Critical, waiting to die.
Waiting for You to save me!"

In the orb of darkness
A beloved waits in suspension,
All in faith are praying.
Sinners such as I,
Thinking to myself,

"Lord, You are the root
Sent forth, I am the branch
A branch longing to touch Your hand"

The years have been a nightmare
The sun a slither of memory.
Remember those Lord who have fallen
Like sticks upon the ground.

Remember those branches who grew outstretched
Waiting for You to touch their hand,
Reaching out for You
To save them.