Big Mo was engineered
To perfection
Designed for comfort
And consummate pleasure
From her long shapely legs,
Ample buttocks
And rolling hips
To her well filled blouse
Big Mo was
State of the art

A fast little number
With a fine racing chassis
Bodywork with Classic lines
Well upholstered
With a lush interior
A well run motor
Purrs like a kitten
When warmed up
When well oiled
Hot and racy
Naught to naked
In 30 seconds
Naught to naughty
All nightlong


Gaynor was pretty enough
Not top draw or second rate
But apart from being common
Gaynor was unfortunately Jailbait


I went out with a Debbie once
But most men of my generation
Have been out with a Debbie
It was hard to avoid any association

It was because of Debbie Reynolds
The actress from America
She was in “Singing in the Rain”
You know, Carrie Fishers Mother

They were hard to avoid anyway
They came in all shapes and sizes
Some were full of port and lemon
Some were full of surprises

But don’t think the name made
Debbie’s different to any other
I’m just bitter because my Debbie
Went off with my brother


I don’t have a foot fetish
I am not particularly into feet
But Belinda’s were perfection
Exquisitely small and neat

I’ve always thought feet ugly
I know mine are of that kind
But her perfect painted toes
Made me change my mind


Brenda’s bum was the roundest
The most ethetically soundest
Being perfectly symetrical
Globular and spherical
And firm to the touch
Which I liked very much
So for me the number one
Was Brenda’s perfect bum


Charlie had fabulous legs
From ankle up to her thigh
And wrapped in black stocking
They really caught the eye


Pretty Little Jo
You confuse me so
You are prettily petite
With size three feet
You are funny and quirky
And infectiously perky
You act just like a girl
In your ribbons and curls
But pretty little Jo
What confuses me so
Is when you speak
Your voice is too deep


Juicy Lucy
Game and goosey
Lucy loosey
What a watusi
Juicy Lucy
Loosey goosey


There stood I, naked, in phallic splendour
Ready to give service roughly or tender
Suitably aroused for a service to render
“I have a special delivery here for Brenda”
And she marked it cruelly “Return to sender”


Laura, Laura
How I adore her
I saw her, Laura.
Laura with the Aura
I saw her with Cora,
The lovely Senora
What’s she doing for her?
Laura for the Senora
Ah she’s sharing her Aura


Ah there’s Pandora see?
Satisfying Laura Lee
And she doing it orally


While dirty Susie
Was giving me a blow
She did so well
I almost let my load go
So I withdrew myself
From the abyss
Sucked at her tits
And gave her muff a kiss
Then I bent her over
For doggie kind
Then banged her snatch
From behind


A young lady called Marti
Is vivacious and hearty
And just a bit tarty
But great fun at a party


A young lady called Gerty
Is perky and flirty
Divertingly perty
And just down right dirty