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Thread: Do you feel it difficult?

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    Do you feel it difficult?

    It is my first time read The Brothers K, in fact it is my first time read Dostoevsky. I am now around the famous chapters: Rebellion and The Grand Inquisitor. Before these two chapters I have enjoyed the reading very much, but when I came to these two chapters I have big problem to follow and understand although people say very highly of them. I want to know is it only me have this problem or it is universal? Will the situation improve by reading it for the second maybe third time?


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    I thought Rebellion was amaaaazing and pretty easy to follow, just a bit wordy. The Grand Inquisitor definitely stepped up the difficulty of the novel a bit, I'm with you on that. I'd advise reading it over a couple of times (that's what I did) and if it's still not quite clicking there's always a Wikipedia article on the parable alone. Hope this helps!

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