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Thread: The Most Important Thread You'll Read All Day!

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    The Most Important Thread You'll Read All Day!

    I'm not blowing my own horn here or as my mother used to say, "throwing bouquets," but the following information is "important" because it is a matter of life and death. Literally.

    I am well aware that a large portion of my fellow LitNutters are relatively young and presumably healthy. Still, a stroke or a "CVA" can happen to anyone at any time, especially older adults of both genders.

    The scourge descends suddenly, and there is an extremely limited time frame, a window of opportunity, in order to minimize fatality or permanent damage.

    Any time you see someone exhibiting any of the following symptoms, please call for help immediately. ("911" is the emergency phone number in the U.S.)

    Please, please, learn the signs of a stroke in case one of your loved ones should exhibit any or all of them. Even if you're not sure, call the EMTS anyway. Remember, ACT FAST!

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    Have you had personal experience with this, AuntShecky? I'm just curious if something inspired this post.

    Good info, too.

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    It doesn't really say how to cause one

    I have a landlord I wouldn't mind being struck down with one

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