I have a pretty solid understanding of The Scarlet Letter but I have a very difficult worksheet... Maybe my mind just isn't working after the essay.

Question 1: What is meant by "thematic definition"? How do you think point of view helps to discover the theme or themes of a story?
Is there a term called "thematic definition" or do you think I am being asked for the definition of theme? As far as the second part of the question goes, would I be crazy to say that in 3rd person, the theme is usually openly stated while it is typically implied through the character arc in 1st person?

Question 2: What is meant by "dramatic definition"? How might point of view help you discover the structure of a story?
This question has me completely lost...

Question 3: What is the point of view of this novel?
It's between Privileged or Effaced. Does Hawthorne enter the consciousness of his characters or does he reveal their thoughts and feelings through their actions?